Crystals of Knowledge
Scrolls of Daniel
Tombs of Agony
Message to the High-Priest

Now behold the Halls of Agony!
The Halls are filled with heavy books which are consulted by a high number of priests sitting in the dark corners of this very hall. They use small light crystals as candles are strictly forbidden in this area.
Consider yourself lucky because now you can use one of the thousand ways to improve your knowledge. However, you have to face the first task of wisdom namely the task of where to start your quest for wisdom.

An old man dressed in a dark red robe suddenly appears from behind a curtain. "Agony be with you, my young friend! I am Master Aazorez, Priest of the High Council of Eternal Agony and guardian of these halls. I will now introduce you to the scrolls which you are allowed to read at this point of time. You may make use of the Crystals of Knowledge and the Scrolls of Daniel which enable you to learn the Java-Applet Spells. Furthermore you are allowed to enter the Tombs of Agony where you will find ways to confront your RPG-followers with pain which is way beyond their imagination. One last option makes it possible for you to contact our High Priest, Master Wazloff, Highest Priest of Agony, by using the powerful spell of the magic messanger bird ."

It is time to choose....